First Feedback From Customer For Akoni Homeware’s Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Akoni Homeware launched their debut product, a Salt & Pepper Grinder Set, onto Amazon just a few days ago and have already received feedback on the product from a customer.

Since launching their product a few days ago, Akoni Homeware have seen an encouraging amount of sales. Today, the brand have received their first feedback from a customer.

Their debut product, salt and pepper grinders, was launched onto Amazon’s U.S marketplace on Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year both in the U.S and internationally.

The first customer to give the brand feedback about the product said, “Modern, well made…I had issues with another product that made the grinder stick because of moisture build up. There’s also no mess when refilling as you get a collapsible funnel and a cleaning brush which is convenient…”

Akoni Homeware have been working on their Salt & Pepper Grinder Set for some months and this is the first time that the brand have received real feedback from paying customers.

“We’ve done lots of testing of our product and we have spoken to a few industry-relevant focus groups but it’s always reassuring to hear real feedback from our customers.” said Lisa from Akoni Homeware, “We welcome positive and constructive feedback as it means that we can better improve our product.”

Akoni Homeware’s salt and pepper grinder set contains 2 glass and stainless steel grinders, a collapsible funnel and a cleaning brush. The brand hope that their set will be both stylish and practical. They have aimed their product at working mothers.

“Our first week selling on has been better than we hoped.” continued Lisa, “We’ve had sales and our product rank has increased very rapidly which is a really good sign at this stage. We hope that our product has staying power compared to our competitors’ products.”

Akoni Homeware’s brand new Salt & Pepper Grinder Set is now available from The tall grinders have a 180ml capacity and offer a fully adjustable grinding mechanism on the top of the product:…

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