First Dries Van Noten And Now HK Fashion Brand Launch Seasonless Collections goes seasonless. By moving away from seasonality in fashion, designer Emma Wallace feels she will be better serving her followers. Women will be free to own and reshape a flexible wardrobe to enable them to create their own individual fashion and style statement.

Hong Kong fashion brand created by leading British designer Emma Wallace is taking the lead with thier new ‘seasonless’ approach when launching thier new fashion collections. Emma Wallace has decided to move away from the old fashion system of ‘fashion seasons’ and instead is going to focus on making her new collections relevant to the time of their launch. An idea kickstarted by a group of designers and retailers, led by Dries Van Noten and followed by Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera and Nina Ricci, who have proposed to realign launch dates, balance the flow of deliveries and set discount to the end of the season. This means that each Emma Wallace collection will be immediately wearable, keeping her followers, the EmmaWallaceWoman, on the cutting edge of new fashions and trends. For more information visit the designers’ website:

The Brit designer is launching her first seasonless collection called ‘UPSTAIRS’ with a new video introduction that perfectly showcases her brand-new range. The ‘UPSTAIRS’ collection is introducing the newest styles to be released from Emma Wallace, which is a unique and feminine collection that effortlessly combines a sense of relaxed glamour with the understated luxury of soft fabrics and a rich colour palette. With Emma’s creative touch, the upstairs collection features an eye-catching twist where dark florals meet geometric shapes in prints, whilst embellished collars adorn kimono jackets and sweatshirts. Her style is to layer on the luxe fabrics of velvet and satin to create a decadent statement that is flattering, bold, agile and ultimately wearable. Finding light in the dark signals a new beginning and living life under the new normal ways of being. For more information on Emma Wallace’s first seasonless collection visit:

The EmmaWallaceWoman takes in her stride all that life offers her and is not afraid to rise above challenges to continue to fight for her voice, freedom and independence – her true self. One of Emma’s reasons for going seasonless, and to inspire other leading designers to follow her example, is having the flexibility of not needing to conform to the usual fashion calendar. This means that when creating her new collections she is thinking globally about weather and temperatures without the seasons dictating her choice of fabrics and colour palette. With the world becoming much smaller and lifestyles that allow people to travel all year round to different climates, consumers now need a wardrobe that contains more classic and versatile pieces for longevity, which will also help to cut down on fast fashion and wastage.

Seasonality in fashion is beginning to look worn out and jaded, and this is why leading fashion designers, such as Emma Wallace, are adopting a new cadence where they can respond to their inner expressive creativity call and have the freedom to create collections for what feels good right now, instead of trying to think ahead to a time they haven’t experienced yet. Emma Wallace is leaping into seasonless fashion in response to restlessness with a growing number of labels, both big and small, that are calling for significant changes to the traditional fashion system of developing collections ahead of time for future seasons, showing, delivering and the discounting seasonal collections. Read more about Emma Wallace’s new collection here:

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