First Customer Feedback Received For Brand New Innovative Cake Tin

The Magic Baking Tin, a brand new innovative cake tin that was launched on Amazon UK this week, has received its first feedback from customers.

Since launch their innovative cake tin on Amazon UK at the start of the week, The Magic Baking Tin have seen a reassuring amount of interest in their product.

The first feedback from customers is now beginning to trickle through to the brand and they are pleased with what their customers have said about their product so far.

One customer remarked that the tin could make bread as well as cakes, “Although this is primarily a cake tin, it worked fine when I baked some bread in it.”, whilst another spoke of the design of the tin, “It’s a really clever design and I’m looking forward to using it more.”

This initial customer feedback is vital for the brand to successfully continue providing their new product to their customers.

“Without feedback from our customers then we won’t be able to progress as a bakeware brand.” said Mitchell, CEO of The Magic Baking Tin, “Our product is brand new and it’s the first time that we’ve sold on Amazon UK so customer feedback will allow us to refine our product and our customer service.”

With positive feedback so far, the brand hope that they can continue to impress their customers.

“We want to make baking more enjoyable for our customers so we’re eager to hear their feedback about our product. There’s always room for improvements and we hope to continue receiving constructive feedback from our customers.” continued Mitchell, “The customers that ordered The Magic Baking Tin on our launch day should now have received the product and we look forward to hearing what they have to say about it.”

The Magic Baking Tin is a family friendly product that allows the user to make 100s of shapes from just one tin. Alongside a variety of different shapes, the tin also makes conventional sized tins too.

The Magic Baking Tin is now available from Amazon UK:…

Release ID: 110786