First Cannabis Business Startup Incubator Launches in Kansas City

Cannabis Startup Incubator™ is recognized as a top startup performer in America. We believe in the power of open collaboration, establishing plans and business environments that truly have local impact.

Cannabis Business Startup Incubator Launches in Kansas City

Kansas City natives launch medical marijuana business solutions center in Westport Commons.

Cannabis Startup Incubator is a network featuring prominent nationally recognized cannabis leaders, advocates, medical professionals, scientist, cultivators, extractors, attorneys and entrepreneurs that provides cannabis and hemp startups the experience and tools needed to enable rapid, exponential growth and success.

Founded in Kansas City, the Cannabis Startup Incubator seeks entrepreneurs who possess unique, disruptive ideas and aim to convert these ideas into thriving local businesses.

Coming from a wide array of professional backgrounds, every single member is knowledgeable, well-connected and eager to turn your idea into a thriving business. The team at Cannabis Startup Incubator is ready to prepare your business for the next level of cannabis legalization in Missouri. The Cannabis Startup Incubator consults, coaches, connects and invests in confident founders with big ideas of success.

Coined by the media as the “Steve Jobs of Weed”, founder and Kansas City native KC Stark, has worked across the nation with entrepreneurs, advocates, politicians, doctors, patients, and farmers to create reliable cannabis markets since 2009. KC Stark has owned and operated medical cannabis and adult use cannabis operations in multiple states and received national recognition for cannabis patients, doctors, business men and women while insuring responsible access, safer cities and vibrant economic development.

Founder KC Stark offers “The next 12-24 months will bring historic changes for America’s 18th most populated state. By fostering a strong ecosystem of networks and resources, the Cannabis Startup Incubator helps entrepreneurs in and around Kansas City take their ideas to the next level. With 10-years of experience successfully planning and launching award-winning clients in the medical cannabis and hemp sectors the knowledge base and expert network will give local entrepreneurs an advantage in applying, planning, and launching their business endeavors.”

The Cannabis Startup Incubator will open their doors with a celebratory networking launch invitational on Friday, March 15th, 2019, from 6-8pm. No fee. Advocates, legislatures and entrepreneurs welcome. Grow your business with local and national networks of highly qualified and experienced cannabis professionals.

Join us for our “jazz & juice” kickoff event for the upcoming medical cannabis and hemp markets. Meet national leaders and network, mashup, connect and plan. Celebrate America’s fastest and most exciting industry.

Cannabis Startup Incubator Business Invitational

When: Friday night, Mar 15, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Where: Cannabis Business Incubator 300 E 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA

Must be 21+ with a valid ID.

Cost: Free. Open to public.

RSVP: Startup Incubator Launch Invitational

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