First Aid Refill Kit Hospital Grade Medical Supplies Emergency Care Bag Released

Patch-Up Products has released its 180-piece Patch-Up First Aid Refill Kit, Supplies For Emergency Care. The kit comes in a compact nylon bag that is both water and stain resistant and is designed to replace commonly used disposable items in most first aid kits.

Patch-Up Products, furthering its first aid education and support to lay people, has released its Patch-Up First Aid Refill Kit, Supplies for Emergency Care. The 180-piece Refill Kit is a supplement to the Patch-Up First Aid Kit (containing supplies for large families that comes in a compact water and stain resistant nylon bag with zippered see-through pockets folding out to 36” for easy access to supplies). The Refill is designed to replace most commonly used disposable items in home and outdoor first aid kits.

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Nearly six out of every 10 deaths from injury could be prevented if the public knew even the most basic first aid, new research has revealed. A study by the University of Manchester, England found that 93% of people would call emergency 999 if they encountered an accident or an injured person but first aid intervention was more infrequent – with around half of people saying they could not attempt any first aid.

“Every person needs to recognize that in an emergency, you are part of the ‘chain of survival’. Sadly in the majority of deaths we looked at, the simplest first aid knowledge and intervention could have helped keep someone alive until they got to hospital.” says Joe Mulligan from the British Red Cross, whom commissioned the research.

Patch-Up Products, a small company providing U.S. based customer service, developed the Patch-up Refill Kit to support people in providing first aid needs at home, on the road, camping, hiking or during active sports and travel by never running out of disposable and most commonly used and necessary first aid items.

The Refill Kit includes 180 pieces with 32 unique items designed for family emergency medical care and survival including an instant ice pack, arm sling and abdominal bandages, emergency blanket, eight different types of adhesive bandages, burn cream and much more. It is manufactured in an FDA/CE approved facility and provides a combination of first aid medical and emergency preparedness supplies.

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