First Aid Multipurpose Aloe Vera Lotion Bee Sting Skin Care Product Launched

Youngevity, an online skin care and natural products retailer, launched a new multipurpose aloe vera-based cream. Trinity Lotion can be used to moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles and provide first aid for insect stings, minor cuts and burns.

Youngevity, an online retailer specializing in skin care and natural products, launched Trinity Lotion, a multipurpose aloe vera-based lotion.

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Skin care products have seen a constant development over recent years, with new ingredients being used to create high-quality lotions that can be used for a variety of purposes. From moisturizing the skin to reducing wrinkles and alleviating rashes, natural skin lotions have enjoyed widespread use.

There are many types of skin lotions available, from moisturizing creams to specialized skin care products. However, many feel the need for a versatile lotion that can be used not only to protect the skin, but also to provide first aid in cases of insect stings, slight burns and other incidents.

Youngevity launched the new Trinity Lotion, a multipurpose cream designed to be used for a wide range of purposes.

The lotion is made of a proprietary compound using 3 active ingredients: Beta 1-3 D-Glucan, MSM and aloe vera. Due to the natural properties of the active ingredients, the lotion can be used both as a cosmetic product and as a reliable first-aid solution.

Trinity Lotion is extremely adaptable to all skin types, making ideal both as a skin moisturizer and protector. It can be used on both harsh and soft skin, and it absorbs easily to create a pleasant protective shield.

The multipurpose cream can also be used to reduce skin lines and wrinkles, thus making it ideal as a cosmetic cream.

Due to the natural properties of aloe vera and the other ingredients, Trinity can be used as an effective first-aid solution for bee, wasp and other insect stings, as well as to calm burns, rashes and shield minor cuts from infective agents.

Trinity Lotion comes with a 30-days guarantee.

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