First Aid Kits, Tamales and Burritos – Healthy Grist for America’s Disaster Relief Donation Mill

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First Aid Kits and Mexican Food might not seem to have much in common but their sales all go to help victims of hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters in the continental United States. All profits go directly to America's Disaster Relief.

Profits from the sales of First Aid Kits on and from a red food truck selling tamales in St.Petersburg, Florida have more in common than might reasonably be guessed.  They all go to support the charitable work of America’s Disaster Relief, a non-profit organization that is often the second to arrive at natural disasters, but the last to leave. 

America’s Disaster Relief has partnered with Oregon Origins LLC in the marketing of First Aid Kits, which are sold primarily on The kits were designed for emergency use at home, at work or traveling. They contain all essential emergency supplies specified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for the workplace.  

ADR First Aid Kits also contain items not required by ANSI, including Instant Cold Packs, CPR face masks, WoundSeal packets and other extras. These items are included to add extra value for the users, and to make the kits more attractive to potential buyers than competing products sold on  For instance, a set of two WoundSeal Pour Packs, as found in this kit, is also sold as a standalone product on Amazon by another seller for $10.42, making it a relatively expensive product to include in a kit that sells for less than $30.  

According to Oregon Origins owner Rickey Williams, “we designed these home use First Aid products to be more than competitive with the highest quality kits offered on Amazon, but at a price most customers could afford.”  According to Williams, 100% of the profits from the sales of these kits goes to ADR to support its work.

America’s Disaster Relief response teams do not bring doctors, nurses and mobile hospitals to the scenes of hurricanes, floods, fires and other disasters.  What they do bring is food, daily necessities and supplies for rebuilding lives, along with hundreds of selfless unpaid volunteers. Long after the Red Cross has packed up and moved to the next emergency, the folks from ADR remain at ground zero, sometimes for months, helping people get back on their feet.

ADR receives the bulk of its operating funds from grants, donations and fund raisers, but is always looking for additional sources of revenue, even from the sales of food truck Mexican food or Amazon First Aid Kits.

Oregon Origins, LLC produces and markets health conscious products in Southern Oregon.  America’s Disaster Relief is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, with divisions in Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Alabama, Florida, New Jersey and New York.

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