Fire Retardant Protection & Intumescent Coatings Products Site Launched

Envirograf, a UK leader in passive fire protection products' design and manufacture, has launched a new site featuring information on its products, products guides and case studies for the application of its products.

Passive fire protection products’ designer and manufacturer, Envirograf, has launched a new site featuring information on its products, products guides and case studies for the various product applications.

Full details can be found on the website:

Envirograf, the brand of Intumescent Systems Limited, specialises in the design and manufacture of fire protection, fire prevention and fire retarding products, for buildings and properties in the private, commercial and public domain, helping protect lives and minimise building damage in the event of a fire. It’s new website features all of its products in a multitude of categories and case studies demonstrating their application.

The company provides passive fire prevention products for electrical penetrations, plumbing, doors, timber, steel, wall and ceiling protection, fire barriers, fireproof coatings and glazing, ventilation protection, mastics, putties, adhesives, fillers and sealants, and acoustic, draught and weather seals. These intumescent systems provide passive fire protection, remaining passive from the time of installation until the event of a fire starting, whereby they perform their intended purpose.

Envirograf says that passive fire protection is the first line of defence in a fire, reacting in the event of a fire without human intervention, sealing openings to contain fire in a building via compartmentation, retarding the movement of flames across surfaces, and by resisting the penetration of fire into structural elements such as doors. An intumescent coating or sealant (such as fire retardant paint) works by swelling up when heated to protect the material beneath, or to seal a gap.

The Envirograf website shows its best selling products as: intumescent downlight covers and cages; intumescent paint and varnish for wood products; intumescent fire protection gaskets range for use with a wide range of electrical boxes, providing fire and/or acoustic protection; rainscreen cavity barrier range for facade cladding systems; and, fire resistant paint coating for upgrading lath and plaster ceilings.

Also featured on the website are a number of informational guides and how to’s in relation to fire protection in buildings, including: an introductory guide on intumescent and fire retardant paints, How Intumescent Paints Protect Substrates; protecting a home from fire spread with passive fire protection products in compliance with UK fire regulations, How To Save Time And Money During Loft Conversion Projects; and compliance advice on wiring regulations, How To Comply With Amendment 3 (Regarding Consumer Units).

The numerous case studies provide working examples of the practical application of the various products, a number of fire prevention and passive fire protection informational videos are available for viewing on Envirograf TV, via a link on the website. The company has been accredited by eight different national and European fire prevention and safety accreditation bodies.

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