Finns Garage in Webster, NY Reveals 5 Reasons Cars Need Preventative Service

To celebrate 80 years of success as a top auto repair shop in Webster, NY, Finns Garage reveals 5 reasons cars need preventative service and why Spring is the perfect time for an auto tune up.

To commemorate 80 years of success serving Webster, NY, Finns Garage reminds new and existing customers that spring is the perfect time for an auto tune up. “There are five main reasons that car owners should schedule regular, preventative vehicle maintenance,” said owner Kevin Finn. “Spring happens to be a particularly good season to schedule preventative services such as tune ups, oil changes, and wheel alignments, before spring and summer vacations,” he added.

According to Finn, the 5 reasons car owners should service their vehicles in the Spring include:

Ensure Driver & Passenger Safety

Preventative services such as a fuel induction system service helps clean the fuel system of vehicles. This can prevent cars from stalling in traffic, by avoiding the buildup of dirt, carbon deposits, and other varnishes which can form in your car’s fuel system. As a regular part of vehicle maintenance, a fuel induction system service can also prevent slow acceleration when you step on the gas, which can keep you safe when merging onto expressways, or turning in traffic.

Prevent Breakdowns

A breakdown on the highway, or in traffic puts drivers and passengers in serious danger. The threat of being hit by other vehicles, is a serious concern. If your car breaks down at night, the threat to your safety is multiplied. Preventative services such as a wheel alignment, an oil change, and a vehicle inspection can identify problems with the engine or the tires before you find yourself having to pull off the side of the road or breaking down in the middle of traffic.

Protect Integrity of Car Systems

Regular tune ups or full-service oil changes at Finns Garage help ensure that engine components are operating the way they are supposed to. Preventative maintenance such as a Spring tune up will identify worn parts such as spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters, belts, and hoses. Likewise, through a full-service oil change, car systems -including electrical, exhaust, steering, suspension, and braking—are inspected to protect their integrity, all the while keeping drivers safer.

Identify Problems Early

Regular tune ups and maintenance can save you money by identifying small problems before they snowball into a bigger, more expensive problem. For example, a Check Engine light coming on may be as harmless as a loose or damaged gas cap. Alternately, it could indicate a problem with the mass airflow sensor, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, or spark plugs. The point is, according to Finn, if you don’t have the Check Engine light serviced, you could be setting yourself up for expensive repairs later.

Prolong Life of Car

Through proper vehicle maintenance, including routine oil changes, tune ups, alignments, and inspections car owners will be in prime position to prolong the life of a vehicle, making the investment last. That’s to say nothing of the fact that regular service can improve fuel efficiency, saving additional money over the long term.

Finns Garage is located on Main Street in Webster and has been family owned and operated since 1939. Currently owned and operated by Kevin Finn, Finns Garage provides oil changes, belt inspections, tune ups, suspension repairs, steering system repairs, braking system repairs, electrical system repairs, engine performance and exhaust services, wheel alignments, fuel induction system service, and more. In 2019 Finns Garage celebrates 80 years of service in Webster, NY.

Located at 45 East Main Street in Webster, NY, Finns Garage is a top reviewed auto repair and service shop in Northeast Monroe County. Visit, or call 585.265.9620.

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