Finnish Summer Theater launches two big musicals in Summer 2020

The biggest Musical of the year is happening in Summer 2020 Valkeakoski, Finland on 09.06.2020 The other amazing Musical in happening in Sappee, Finland

Great news for business owners, theater goers, entertainment lovers, summer theatre fans!!. The latest information on Summer theater launches two musicals in Valkeakoski, Finland on 9.06.2020

Finnish Summer theater is producing this year’s event, which will focus on their upcoming Musical:

Aira- Musical ( Life Story of Aira Samulin) – Aira is a breathtaking musical happening in Apianniemi, Valkeakoski in Summer 2020

“ If I had created an image for myself by creating, I would not have existed in public. Random just going to be such as I am . “

– Aira Samulin

As per the theater director what can be found beneath the surface of the pioneering dance art known to everyone, her laughter, red-haired and joyful energy!! Aira Samulin’s life story contains incredible female energy, vitality, perseverance and sensitivity. The 90-year-old story begins with the war in Raja Karelia and takes us through the dance circles of Helsinki to this day. Audience will get to see how Aira’s successful career in entertainment and fashion was born in Finland in the 40’s and 50’s. The musical also addresses the tragedies of life and Aira’s endless passion for dance, creativity and mental well-being. “Aira Samulin life is a writer’s dream with all its nuances. Drama, energy, comedy and movement.The director (Heikki Paavilainen) is very moved to have the opportunity to take up this topic.” Musical action is accompanied by a live orchestra, featuring important songs from the decades of Aira’s life, such as Karelian Cunts , Saturday Night Fever and Madonna’s Like a Virgin.

The title role is played by the beautiful and captivating actress Helena Rängman , who is known for several TV shows such as New Day and Kimmo , as well as her big roles in Tampere Theater (including Cats, Sugar – Little Places ). Airan life path that were important roles of men present in several musicals, the audience charmed singer-actress Lauri Mikkola (mm. Kinky Boots, Danny, Boy band) , actor Martti Manninen (eg. The Little Mermaid , Wuthering Heights, Cats) , and handsome voice Harri Penttila (mm. With love, labeled Danny ). In other roles we can admire eg. the following artists who excel in their singing and dancing skills; Sonja Pajunoja (eg Little Mermaid, Kinky Boots ) and multi-talented Leea Lepisto (eg It is summer night, Olavi Virta, Cabaret of Kuopio City Theater ).

The choreography of the musical is performed by the great dancer Jani Rasimus with the dance pair Ansku Bergstr0m .

Director and screenplay: Heikki Paavilainen

Live Orchestra: Ali Ahmaniemi , Jimi Hautamäki, Sampsa Rattri and Teemu Broman

Costume design: Arja Sahno

Makeup design: Pirjo Laihiala

Set design: Jyrki Seppa .

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Tango D’Amore- Musical ( Life Story of Eino Gron) – play is in 2020, the Sappee Summer theater will see the colorful life of a hit-and-miss and sky-high translator Eino Gron , directed by Heikki Paavilainen and performed by professional artists. Maestro Eino Gron himself will also be seen on stage throughout the summer. Tango D’amore is a life-loving and warm-hearted love story of a beautiful Reposaarian wrestler with a vocal vocals, destined to be a part of the history of Finnish hit music. In the musical we see, for example, the first moments of Eino Gron’s legendary career, and the importance of Toivo Karje and Junnu Vainio in Eino’s life. The Argentine tango and years in the Florida sun have given the singer known to everyone an interesting life experience. Tango D’amore introduces us to the private life of Eino Grön behind unforgettable songs, which include: The Last Night , and The Seine Has Ears . ” Well samettiaanista masters have listened to since childhood. It’s been great to get to know Emppu himself and his interesting life. It lights up the Tango D’amore inside of me , ”says director and screenwriter Heikki Paavilainen In the musical, the singer’s life is followed from the woman’s point of view by the narrator’s wife, Einon Marjatta, performed by actor Emmi Kaislakari . Kaislakari is known for his big roles at the Tampere Workers’ Theater (eg Cabaret, Girls 1918, Midsummer Dances ).

We will be honored to enjoy the songs performed by Eino Gron himself during the summer on the Sappee stage , and Maestro will play a couple of roles in the musical. In the role of the younger Eino, we see comedic actor Joni Leponiemi . Leponiemi is known not only for TV shows but also for many musicals. Wild Years (Irwin Goodman role at) and more recently the film I am Finnish (Reijo Taipale role at). In other roles we see talented artists: the charming Antti Mikkola has already become known to the public with the Salt of Life and Kotikatu TV series. Since then, Mikkola has been seen in the theater both as an actor and as a director. Wild Years Musical (role as Vexi Salmi). The magnificent Jannastiina Hakala has been seen as a guest actor in several performances at Tampere Theater (including West Side Story ). Mikko Huoviala, a multi-talented artist, has delighted viewers over the years in dozens of roles at the Finnish Summer Theater , especially those of the legendary villager. The spectacular choreographies of the musical are created by Ansku Bergstrom. The show will feature talented Janica Saarni (including Dancing With the Stars ) on stage, paired with Arto Petjala ( Dance Teacher of the Year 2019 ).

Director and screenplay: Heikki Paavilainen

Conductor: Jukka Hänninen

Live Orchestra: Jukka Hänninen, Jyrki Telilä, Mirka Dojan and Miika Perkiö

Choreography: Ansku Bergstrom

Costume design: Arja Sahno

Makeup design: Pirjo Laihiala

Premiere 2.7.2020

Finnish Summer theater

Release ID: 88938626