Finnish Summer Theater – 2020 Summer Sappe, Valkekoski Lineup Launched

A new musical summer lineup has been launched by Finnish Summer Theater. They are celebrating over 35,000 ticket sales last summer and are excited about taking the theater to new heights.

Finnish Summer Theater has announced the launch of a new summer lineup, with two musicals running in Sappe and Valkekoski. These are the Aira Musical and the Tango D’amore musical, which will feature some of the best talent in Finland.

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The site explains that Finnish Summer Theater, located in Valkeaskoski, Finland, created record sales of over 35,000 tickets in the summer of 2019.

Now they’re looking to expand on that success with their new lineup. Theater lovers and musical fans will find something to enjoy with the new range of shows.

The Summer Theater is owned by Heikki Paavilainen, and saw record sales of running the business in Valkeakoski.

When asked about the success of the play, the director said that it’s because of the flamboyant life history of musician Danny. This made him develop a screenplay like never before.

He also mentioned that the professional crew that performed in the musical gave a performance of the highest quality.

The actors, Lauri Mikkola and Ilka Koivula, played the role of Danny in one of the most successful ways yet. In addition to this, the whole crew was talented and convincing in their roles.

This helped to ensure that they could tell the story of “Danny” in the most comprehensive, enjoyable way.

Finnish Summer Theater has two theaters, one in Sappe and one in Vakeakoski. They are known for having a knack for producing high quality plays with talented artists from across the country.

One of the things that sets them apart from other theaters is the work that goes on backstage. They have high levels of team chemistry that helps to ensure a smooth, seamless show.

Heikki Paavilainen has worked in movies, television and theatre production all his life. Mervi Paavilainen has been a cultural producer for over 30 years. Now Petra Paavilainen, the daughter of Heikki and Mervi, has joined to improve the marketing side of the theater.

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