Fine Strokes Decorators Are Now Open For Business

Fine Strokes Decorators is a family run painting and decorating business that has just opened an office in Reading.

Fine Strokes Decorators, a family run business, paint and decorate homes and businesses in the area ofReading. They have now opened an office in Caversham, Reading. Findingdecorators and painters to do a good job can be a stressful business. Propertyowners who want to give their properties a new coat of paint or redecorate theinterior want to hire experts who will deliver a high standard result. Afterall, each property is very precious to its owner.

Although Fine Strokes Decorators is anew company, they have been in the painting and decorating business for over 20years, working for others. Mark Barnes, owner of Fine Strokes Decorators, toldus “After working for other people for many years, we’re very excited to set upour own business now. Quality work and customer service is our main priorityand we aim to deliver amazing results.”  They are able to work on large properties andsmall properties, new and old properties and have a design team of decoratorswho will help property owners transform their homes. To find out more about the services offered by Barnes and his team go here:

As Fine Strokes Decorators is agrowing business, it can also offer employment. As Clare Anderson, co-directorat Fine Strokes Decorators, said “We hope to grow our business this year to thepoint where we can take on additional staff.” A company that grows and wants tohire more people can only do so if they offer a variety of services and deliversexcellent quality work. The company’s directors have a vision of growing thecompany and that means that they must be good at what they do. Satisfiedcustomers will spread the word that they deliver what they say they will andthat will also, help them grow their business and hire people.

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