Find Me A Driving Test Expands Services And Offerings

UK based company, Find Me A Driving Test, are excited to announce new services for their rapidly growing online business. Further information about Find Me A Driving Test and their new offerings can be discovered at

Find Me A Driving Test announced today that it would expand its offerings to a range of new services. The service is used by learner drivers to find new test cancellations if they fail their test. With waiting times for new driving tests reaching up to six months, it can increase the cost and stress on young drivers. Find Me A Driving Test has a 96% success rate in finding earlier dates for its clients but stated that it wished to improve both this figure and the length of time it takes to receive new dates.

The service will add options for multiple test centres at no extra cost. This allows users to enter up to three test centres of their choice and therefore increasing the chance of finding new tests by up to 200%. The introduction of a second feature called auto book is further designed to help increase the likelihood and ability of getting a new test date.

The service also announced for the first time that it would be developing an iOS and Android application to help satisfy the demand on the apps market.

Will Hall, a senior partner in the organisation said “we want to help new learner drivers as much as possible. We truly believe that helping them reduce the amount of time to get them a new test will potentially save them hundreds of pounds. By adding these new features at no additional cost, it will help increase our success rate and overall positive experience for customers. We have invested heavily in our core market and wish to continue doing so in the future.”

Find Me A Driving Test has quickly grown to be one of the largest companies in the cancellation market and has ambitious plans on what it wants to do next. “We are continually innovating and are looking to expand into new market places. It is important to change and adapt to our customers demands and we intend to do just that”. Will joined the business in March 2017 and has helped innovate and transform the business into a market leader.

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