Financing For Laser Tattoo Removal Now Offered At Louisville Tattoo Removal

Cost of tattoo removal in Kentucky just became more affordable at Take It Off Laser Tattoo Removal in Louisville, Kentucky. The company is now offering financing and discounts on packages.

Louisville, KY- Take It Of laser tattoo removal, the popular clinic located in Louisville just off of Lake Point Way is excited to announce they are one of the only clinics in the area offering financing as a payment option for their tattoo removal clients.

The popular laser clinic in Louisville is already the go-to destination for folks seeking to rid themselves of their unwanted ink, and the company believes the new financing option will take their business to the next level.

Autumn Davidson, owner of Take It Off Laser Tattoo Removal in Louisville, KY had this to say about the big announcement, “we absolutely couldn’t be happier with our decision to add financing to our business as a way for our clients to pay for their laser treatments.” Autumn believes the new payment option will change the business in a positive way, she goes on to explain, “one of the biggest setbacks for our clients or potential clients is the actual cost of tattoo removal.”

Autumn says the actual cost of tattoo removal can depend on may factors, such as size, amount of ink in the tattoo, (often referred to as “ink density”), as well as how many treatments it will take. This is said to be a costly procedure for some and by offering a great financing option it opens up a wider demographic. “A lot of us have so many other things to pay for, car payments, medical bills, it all adds up. Many of us don’t have the funds available to pay for tattoo removal all at once, the option of financing is for those who want to get the ball rolling on removing that ink, and that part of their life as soon as possible without the burden of having to pay for it in one big payment.”

The company says they also offer discounts for packages paid in advance, which is definitely another perk of the financing option, it can actually save folks money in the long run.

More info can be found by visiting their website at or by calling Take It Off Laser Tattoo Removal at 502-203-0101

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