Financial Planning Firm to Clarify Long Term Care Options at Danbury Seminar

Reby Advisors, a financial planning firm headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, will host an educational seminar on long-term care strategies to help individuals secure their retirement lifestyle.

A 2018 survey of Connecticut and New York extended care providers found that annual cost long-term care in these states ranges between $42,000 and $195,000 annually, depending on the metro area and the level of care an individual requires (Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey). Reby Advisors, a national financial planning firm headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, will host an educational seminar titled “Health, Wealth and Retirement” to help people plan for this major expense and avoid running out of money due to a loss of physical independence.

Patrick Doherty, CFP®, and Devone McLeod, CFP®, will aim to answer the top questions people have about long-term care planning:

1) Who needs long-term care?

2) Can an individual rely on family instead paying for a nursing home or assisted living?

3) Does Medicare cover some or all long-term care expenses?

4) How can one avoid burdening family due to the loss of independence?

5) What services will long-term care insurance pay for?

Co-presenter Patrick Doherty, CFP®, holds a Certification in Long-Term Care (CLTC®). Attendees may ask questions during or after the presentation.

Doherty explained, “A common concern people have as they approach retirement is running out money due to a medical condition or the need for extended care. No one wants to deplete their retirement assets, and few want to depend on family members for help when they need assistance with day-to-day living. Family members often have neither the time nor the expertise required to provide the level of care required. Paying for this major expense without burdening loved ones requires planning, and that is what this seminar is all about.”

Members of the Greater Danbury Community in their fifties and early sixties are encouraged to attend. The event is complimentary, however, registration is required.

People interested in learning more about this topic can sign up for the seminar at

Reby Advisors may also be reached at (203) 790-4949.

About Reby Advisors

Founded by Bob Reby in 1985, Reby Advisors is a financial planning firm that serves clients nationwide and has offices in Connecticut, New York and Florida. The firm manages more than four hundred million dollars in client wealth. Its signature financial planning tool, the Lifestyle Sustainability Scorecard, measures how well a family is managing 16 critical financial risks.

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