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2017 and 2018 have been interesting years for global markets. However, when it comes to growing and protecting wealth, Len Elias is confident that TLK Partner’s clients will be well-positioned.

Facing the Investment Challenges of the Future: Not for the Faint-Hearted

Growing wealth could be a tough call during 2019, but investors can still profit if they exercise caution and patience says Len Elias, an investment expert from TLK Partners.

2017 and 2018 have been interesting years for global markets. Emerging economies lagged while the US reported substantial economic growth which is now levelling off since the Fed has begun the process of raising interest rates to reflect a more realistic cost of capital.

EU investments, for the most part, remained static, and various woes are likely to leave them that way in a best-case scenario – or see them floundering if long-standing fears regarding the stability of certain EU member-states and concerns about Brexit come to pass.

At home, Australia has achieved a record of 26 consecutive years of economic growth with the services sector providing the greatest source of expansion while, as elsewhere in the world, resources made a grudging and potentially unstable return from the doldrums. “Australian investments are attractive options,” says Len Elias, Financial Planning specialist and business partner at TLK Partners. “We’re known as a stable market with relatively predictable returns.”

Having said that, Len believes it’s still important to hedge your bets. “Keeping your eggs in one basket could be a recipe for disaster. The smart way to protect assets and achieve growth is to spread them across investments and asset-classes and offshore a percentage, just in case the unexpected happens.”

Recently, however, we have seen a few potentially costly shocks, like portfolio standby Tencent’s sudden plummet, says Elias. “We’ve been through some excellent growth years, but the last couple of years have been tougher, and I’m not expecting the global investment landscape to get easier anytime soon. US policy is of particular concern. It’s not just trade war talk anymore – it’s trade war.”

However, when it comes to growing and protecting wealth, Elias is confident that TLK Partner’s clients will be well-positioned.

“It’s important to remember that investment success shouldn’t be measured over a few months, or even a couple of years,” he says. “Investment is a longer-term wealth creation strategy, and that means taking a few knocks here and there, offsetting them with positives from elsewhere, and still benefitting in the medium-to-long term thanks to the power of compounding.”

With mainstream superannuation schemes proving to be less than satisfactory despite recent diversification, private investments help Australians to prepare for a retirement that’s likely to be longer than that of previous generations thanks to increased life-expectancy. It’s all part of a wealth-creation strategy that helps successful participants to enjoy gains in both the present and the future.

“At TLK Partners, we take a holistic view of wealth management. We look at your current and future needs, and we recognise that each of our clients is different and may require a tailored approach to wealth-creation. This takes a unique team with a combination of skills that work together. I don’t think there’s any single financial wizard who can achieve what our team can,” says Elias.

Preparing for a solid financial future takes a team like that of TLK Partners, says Elias, and having your accounting and tax experts under the same roof as your investment advisors, property, and legal specialists means that the team is a well-coordinated one. Visit TLK Partners, Chartered Accountants and Wealth Management Company website, or call (02) 8090 4324.

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