Financial News Site Launches Educational Report On NFT Blockchain Gaming Updates

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Wealthy Millionaire, an online educational resource for all things financial, has launched a new market report on the future of games that make use of blockchain technology, NFTs, and cryptocurrency.

The recently launched report was released in response to a new trend in gaming that has players competing to earn NFTs, fiat currencies, and other rewards. While generating rewards in-game is nothing new, in the past, those items have always been intangible and of little benefit outside of the games.

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Game developers have taken advantage of the new trend to add more creative and interesting ways that players can get crypto and NFTs in-game. The recently launched report details how some companies have expanded their revenue as a result, with one popular game reaching up to a million daily active users.

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens, meaning that each one is a unique item, much like a rare trading card. These assets are digital, and though the NFT itself is often only a code or a web address, they usually signify ownership of an object. NFTs have been used to sell ownership rights to original artwork, music, or assets useful to players in video games. To learn more about NFTs, please visit

Aside from the usefulness of cryptocurrencies and NFTs inside of games, the report explains that many users have taken to trading them outside of the game worlds, in open markets. One example of this is a game called CryptoKitties, which offered users NFTs that unlocked various virtual cats. Some of the top players have earned up to $170,000 from selling the rights to those virtual cats in the open market.

The new trend has made a large impact in developing countries, where many players have used it as a source of regular revenue. Consistent gaming has been shown to provide many players up to $1200 a month, by selling the digital assets generated through the game to Western consumers.

According to the report, games that make use of these technologies come in a wide variety of genres and styles. Sports-oriented gamers have recently popularized GameFi, which allows users to create fantasy sports teams that can provide them with in-game assets and NFTs.

Many analysts believe that blockchain technology is the next big step in gaming. There are already several ways that this new trend can increase revenue for game developers, and even attract venture capital.

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