Financial Literacy Course – Kids/Teens Smart Spending Investing Report Launched

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A newly updated report has been launched by Kids Products Reviews, highlighting the benefits of the MoneyTime online course. It covers the lessons featured in the program and the impact it can have on children’s lives.

A newly updated report has been launched covering the benefits of the MoneyTime course for children. This financial literacy education program aims to establish a strong grounding in money matters and improve financial security.

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Kids Products Reviews provides regular and in-depth insight into products and services available for children. With this latest report update, they ensure families have all the information they need to make a more informed decision about MoneyTime.

Parents and grandparents can use MoneyTime as a homeschooling resource for children and teenagers. The course is available online, and is a fully self-contained program.

Targeted at kids aged 10 to 14, the course covers key lessons in financial education and how to make smarter decisions with money. It was first introduced in New Zealand, and due to the initial success, it’s now available across the US.

Many parents don’t want their children to make the same mistakes they did. They want to give their children the best head start they can in life – and this program is the ideal tool for a strong grounding in finance.

The program has proven especially valuable during the pandemic, when more families have been spending educational time together with their children.

Included in the program are 30 self-taught modules. With no parental input needed, it’s an enjoyable course that teaches children a broad range of lessons with the goal of achieving financial literacy.

Modules include earning money, banking, and managing money, along with budgeting. Other lessons dive further into topics like the relationship between money and business, investing money, and what’s involved in the borrowing process.

One of the most enjoyable elements for children is that an interactive game is used to replicate making real-life financial decisions in a safe environment. This enables each student to see what type of impact their decision could have.

The ultimate aim of the program is to ensure children grow up with a more detailed knowledge of earning, saving, and employment. They will also know the basics of business, deposits, and a variety of other topics.

A spokesperson for Kids Products Reviews states: “MoneyTime was built to be self-taught. This means parents can be as hands-off or as involved as they want to be. For parents that want to work through the program with their child, a printable Homeschool Study Guide for Parents is provided along with a Frequently Asked Questions document.”

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