Financial Literacy/Banking Educational Video App With Digital Rewards Released

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DebtGo, a new app which allows users to watch educational videos in exchange for digital and financial rewards, has been launched.

The new DebtGo app is available for iOS and Android, allowing users to receive short-form educational briefings on various topics relating to personal finance. In exchange for their time, the app offers a place on the in-app leaderboard, as well as tickets to a virtual lottery.

To download the app, visit

DebtGo has been released as a platform that delivers a rewarding educational experience, built on the back of and inspired by other short-form content platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, all while injecting a more educational theme. The videos range from 15-30 seconds and cover many aspects of the financial world.

These short info-briefings are produced in-house by a dedicated team of financial experts who have committed themselves to the education of college students and high schoolers who may not be receiving this information from other sources.

New educational content is added to the app on a near-daily basis, meaning that regular users will never run out of opportunities to learn and to generate tokens that translate to revenue.

In addition to the educational benefits of the app, the team behind DebtGo also strives to provide users with a more direct form of financial assistance. As users watch more videos, they earn points which can then be spent on entries into a daily lottery. The size of the daily reward varies but can reach hundreds of dollars.

The app is also in its beta development phase, meaning that user feedback is welcome and essential to shaping the future of the app. The early-access version is available to mobile users on all major platforms.

A satisfied user had the following to say, “This app works very well to teach topics every day about finance, loans, credit, etc., in bite-sized videos. I’ve been watching for about a month and unexpectedly won a daily jackpot. Hey, any little bit helps when you are going for that debt-free life.”

Interested parties should visit to download the Android app.

Release ID: 89049731