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A report from FUNancial Freedom has been launched, which details its educational resources that can help parents and guardians teach their children crucial financial life skills.

FUNancial Freedom has released its newest report, which aims to help parents learn how they can boost their children’s financial education and equip them for the future.

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The new report from FUNancial Freedom offers parents and guardians a breakdown of the key reasons why ensuring their children are educated on finance is vital for their future. Furthermore, it explains that this knowledge isn’t taught in schools, making it a priority for parents to take control of their children’s financial education.

Understanding the importance of money and how it can affect people’s lives is a critical life skill that is often overlooked. Statistics show that, on average, almost 80% of Americans currently have some form of debt, and in the current pandemic climate, this number is increasing.

Despite the importance of having financial knowledge, the national curriculum in schools does not include any money or savings education for young children. This lack of financial education has a detrimental long term effect, with many children struggling with money as soon as they begin employment, with debts following them as they grow up.

FUNacncial Freedom is looking to help empower parents and guardians with the tools and resources to help prepare their children for their financial future. The new report gives an overview of the key areas for financial education, such as the basics of saving money, understanding investments, and managing fiannces.

Paul O’Mahony and Chris Farrell founded FUNacncial Freedom as they wanted to develop a fun and educational way to teach children and teenagers how to become financially smart. Using an educational approach known as L.E.A.P. (Learn, Earn, Accelerate, Play), the team has created animations and engaging content to bring the topic to life.

The information from FUNacncial Freedom aims to help children aged between seven and seventeen with an easy to follow, step by step approach to financial education. A free webinar is available for parents and guardians to watch that shares the practical and actionable plans to get started.

A parent who has used the resources said, “I have not seen this subject taken from the big picture to fine details in such an easy way to understand. I learned a lot and only wish this kind of stuff was taught in every school from a young age.”

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