Financial Advisor Hal Hammond Hosts Multiple Retirement Income Planning Events

Financial planner Hal Hammond, Sarasota, Florida, announces retirement income planning events for the fall. Hammond offers financial fitness checkups through his business, Hammond Asset Management; providing the general public knowledge and information about being financially fit overall and in their retirement through these educational seminars.

Sarasota, Fl. – Hal Hammond, of Sarasota, Florida, president of Hammond Asset Management plans to host multiple retirement income planning events regarding a wide range of topics throughout the remainder of 2017 in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota area.

One of the topics being covered includes a “financial fitness” checkup. The workshop will discuss cash-flow management, the basics of tax planning and an introduction to estate planning. Not to mention will cover creating a financial roadmap, overcoming retirement obstacles and maximizing savings and investment plans.

Other workshops will include “Advanced Social Security Planning,” which will discuss in depth maximizing Social Security benefits. “Retirement Income Planning,” which will cover long-term care consideration, strategies to make sure people don’t outlive their money, and how taxes can impact retirement income.

By completion of these workshops, attendees will be able to identify their retirement income gap and maximize their savings and retirement income plans. They will also understand how to create a retirement road map for their retirement income plan.

“It’s important that we discuss and provide numerous informational materials for people to learn and discover,” Hammond says, “This way, people can make informed decisions about their retirement plans and understand what they are talking about.”

For a full list of topics being discussed, visit Hammond Asset Management’s website for a of fall events.

About Hammond Asset Management:

Hal Hammond, President of Hammond Asset Management has managed pensions and retirement funds for over 25 years, weathering unprecedented market storms and sticking close to his basic training in modern portfolio theory, an investment strategy focused on selecting a diverse portfolio balancing the tradeoff between risk and expected return. Convinced of the relationship between solid coaching and personal success, Hammond Asset Management has adapted an informational coaching strategy to personal retirement planning. President Hal Hammond authored the book “Protect Your Life Savings” and teaches retirement planning at State College of Florida.

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