Finally FIFA 17 Demo Download For PC, iOS, Android and PS4 Now Available

FIFA 17 game demo download is finally available for all the football lovers and it is the best time of year when you can actually enhance your gaming experience by playing this latest and much more entertaining version.

People are excited about upcoming FIFA 17 video game all over the world. As the release date is coming near the excitement of people is getting higher and higher. FIFA 17 release date as announced by EA sports (developer of FIFA) is 27 September’16 for USA users and 29th September for Rest of the world. This is the first time in the history of FIFA that frostbite game engine will be used in this series. Anyways, FIFA 17 demo is now available for download on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Users can also get APK of this game in near future. Moreover, in this game users can also see the new cinematic and dramatic journey of players which is named as ‘The journey’.

The download of this demo version will be available only till 13th September and after that users will need to wait for 27th September to buy the full version of this game. In FIFA 17 demo, users can only play one match and will need to pre-order full version to play it on the same day of it’s release.

Spokesperson of says “FIFA 17 demo has been finally announced by EA and users can head over to download now section of their website to get download as well as latest updates about the demo.”

About FIFA 17 Game:-

In FIFA 17, EA sports has introduced several new features to give players a better gaming experience. Users can select one out of 20 clubs for playing at the starting of the football season. There are various features which are included in the Gameplay of FIFA 17 like the graphics which are powered by Frostbite are very awesome. Players will get real control of the ball. New attacking techniques have also been introduced this time to secure more goals.

Also, This game provides balanced gameplay in terms of speed. Better animations have also been introduced as compared to the previous series of FIFA video games. Moreover, Physical plays overhaul is there so that players can interact physically in all areas of pitch.

Release ID: 131994