Finally A Chiropractor In Kirkland Has a Solution To Becoming Pain Free

Kirkland Spine & Posture Center announced the launch of their new Chiropractic Care In Kirkland, Kirkland Chiropractor beginning 03/01/2015.

Attention people who suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain and even those who have frequent headaches plus anyone who is seeking chiropractic care in Kirkland, WA can now gain access to a revolutionary treatment plan by visiting Kirkland Spine & Posture Center located at 12063 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034.

Kirkland Chiropractor, Dr Lyle Love has created this revolutionary treatment plan specifically to address the most common issues faced by people who suffer from chronic back, neck or shoulder pain. Even those who have frequent headaches are also invited to participate in this revolutionary treatment plan.

During the initial visit patients will learn what it will take to become pain free in just a few weeks. Dr Lyle Love will also create a custom treatment plan specific to life style to ensure the best results and then develop a maintenance plan to reduce the chances of injury later down the road.

Dr Love also conducts weekly weight loss clinics to help individuals who would like to loose some additional weight. Many patients have been successful in loosing 15 to 20 pounds in as little as 30 days, most patients say these weight loss clinics are finally a solution for both men and women to safely and effectively loose weight without strict dieting or extensive work outs in the gym, all those who have tried other programs are encouraged to schedule a few no obligation consultation.

Last but not least Dr Love has implemented high intensity laser therapy which reduces swelling in joints and can completely eliminate pain for many patients in as little as a few sessions. These laser treatments have been effective for individuals who suffer from knee, hip or shoulder pain.

During a recent interview Dr Lyle Love, The Chiropractor for Kirkland Spine & Posture Center had this to say about the treatment program: “This treatment program was initially designed for people who have tried all the traditional methods such as over the counter medication, prescribed medication and even considered surgery as their last option but didn’t want to risk further damage by going under the knife. This revolutionary treatment plan has been highly successful reducing or eliminating pain in most patients. To learn more take a few minutes to checkout the website listed below.

For all those interested in learning more about the revolutionary treatment program, go to the company’s website at To schedule an appointment simply call (425) 739-8882 today to schedule a no obligation consultation.

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