Final Expense Sales Opportunity – No Degree Virtual Business For Mothers Launch

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The pandemic has impacted the livelihood of many, but women have been affected the most. One company is seeking to address their plight with a new business opportunity that can give them freedom and a stable source of revenue.

The LoveLife Group, LLC has published a new manifesto describing its final expense business model for individuals who want to start their own business. The report is aimed at helping women, particularly single mothers, who are unable to return to their jobs because of various employment issues, such as wage inequality.

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The newly released material offers readers a means to create a sustainable source of revenue through the sale of final expense policies. Unlike other products, final expense insurance allows one to receive residual or continuous commissions as clients make good on their payments.

Its business model allows individuals to design the lifestyle they want, as the income potential is limitless and the work can be done virtually from anywhere. According to the company, one only needs to invest in an insurance license, an internet connection, and a tablet to get started.

Final expense refers to the type of life insurance that is offered for people over 50 years old. It is used to cover a number of final expenses, such as medical bills and funeral and burial costs, that could otherwise be a burden to surviving family members.

Because of the rising costs of funeral services in the U.S., the demand for such a policy has risen tremendously over the past few years. The LoveLife Group said that it saw no change in demand despite the shaky economy in 2020, adding that many of its agents earned more during that period.

The company stated that it decided to enhance its focus on women after their needs were reiterated by several media reports during the global crisis. One recent report said that many women face a slew of issues that prevent them from returning to work, such as the lack of flexible work options, low salaries, and zero access to child care providers.

The LoveLife Group said that its business model addresses these issues, adding that the single mothers on its team are earning the revenue they want without spending time away from their children.

“This is game-changing,” one agent says, “You start thinking different. When you start making what you want and start living, you will think different.”

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