Final Expense Quote Cost Reduction Price Gouging Avoidance Program Launched

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A final expense program has been launched in a bid to avoid price gouging due to the health crisis. The team explain some funeral homes charge up to the policy limit, but this can be avoided.

A new final expense program has been launched to help individuals and their loved ones avoid funeral home price gouging due to the current health crisis. The Love Life Group explains they provide affordable insurance solutions when paying for final expenses and every policyholder has access to the new program.

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The newly launched final expense program has been designed to counter the rising fees charged by funeral homes. The Love Life Group team explain the relatives and caregivers of loved ones may be unaware the fees charged by some homes are not reflective of the cost of a funeral.

They add that since March 2020, funeral costs have increased between 8-15% and some funeral homes are charging unnecessary and illegal fees. Not all funeral homes are acting inappropriately, explain the team, however, some are adding an illegal fee related to the health crisis.

In addition, the team explain that many people may be surprised to learn that embalming is not required in most states unless a body is traveling over state lines.

The Love Life Group explains some funeral homes may charge the maximum amount of the policy of the person who has died. The team explain the casket is often the most expensive element of any funeral – however, they are available online from retailers such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s, and Amazon.

Every policy comes with a free exclusive program made up of former funeral directors, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist policyholders’ family in saving money on final expenses.

A spokesperson said: “We recommend the family of the policyholder call us before calling the funeral home. Once we receive the call, our funeral directors will contact the funeral home and the life insurance company directly to make sure the claim is correctly processed. They do not plan your funeral, we allow for you to do that ahead of time, but we store all your final wishes to ensure you get everything you want, but for less money.”

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