Final Beta For Automated Crypto Trading Course Launching Soon

The Profitable Expat has launched a new report covering The Plan, a training program by crypto investment expert Dan Hollings. It details the benefits for program members, including access to an automated crypto trading bot system that learns and executes trades based on observed patterns.

The Profitable Expat releases the official review of The Plan by Dan Hollings. Written by Heather Farrell, the official review outlines the effective strategy created by Dan Hollings which shows students how to profit from crypto volatility.

Heather Farrell, founder of The Profitable Expat, writes that The Plan teaches students how to generate passive income from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market using a set and forget system that requires very little time. Farrell recommends this uncommon method and has herself, seen substantial gains of 61% in just 7 weeks.

The Official Review For The Plan Can Be Found Here

Dan Hollings, an internationally acclaimed marketing expert, and renowned critical thinker shows how to use an “ai-army” to trade cryptocurrencies on autopilot while students carry on living their life. Unlike other crypto investing schemes, The Plan requires individuals to open their own exchange account where they will maintain complete ownership and control over their investment.

Farrell explains that keeping the investment in one’s own name and using automation to execute trades, means that the investors will be using the safest approach to cryptocurrency investing available today. This is a core concept of The Plan and is explained in-depth in the training.

Students are recommended to invest at least $3,000 into their personal exchange account in order to experience the full benefits of the system and be able to see escalating returns sooner than later.

Being a full-paying student of The Plan herself, Farrell shares that after completing approx. 15 hours of training and completing the initial set up, The Plan requires minimal effort of less than 1 hour/week. Explaining further; Hollings has created a hands-off crypto trading program that shows how to build long-term passive income with very little work.

Farrell says that it is not necessary to understand cryptocurrencies or blockchain in order to generate revenue using the methods taught in The Plan. In addition, with Bitcoin and other crypto coins, the more volatile the market conditions are, the better.

This approach to investing is not without risk, however, and both Farrell and Hollings recommend that people seek outside advice from qualified professionals. No guarantees are made for capital appreciation however, following The Plan can help prevent costly mistakes that beginners often make.

Farrell servers to empower women with legitimate options and systems they can use to create reliable income channels from anywhere in the world, and the release of this report fosters her mission.

This official review also serves to announce that the final Beta version of The Plan will be offered in mid-September and interested parties can get more information here.

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