FileMaker Create Business App Development Richard Carlton Video Course Launched

Richard Carlton has announced the launch of a new video training course to help people wanting to create their own business app. Through a series of videos, it showcases his experience through 26 years as an entrepreneur.

A new video training course has launched for those wanting to create their own business software application for their own area of expertise. Called FileMaker, the course features over six hours of video content created by Richard Carlton, who will impart some of his experiences and knowledge from being an entrepreneur for over 26 years.

More information can be found on the FileMaker website at:

The site explains that the video service is aimed at those who are interested in building an app for a vertical market segment that is being underserved with the current products that are available. After watching each of the videos, participants will have the knowledge and tools required to plan their application for the best results.

On the FileMaker site, a full list of modules available in the video course can be found, broken down into key categories like introduction, planning, marketing, budgeting and a final section where participants can enjoy interviews with successful app developers.

The introduction section shows participants how to come up with an overview of the project, developing it from the ground up using a classic elevator pitch angle to help hone precisely what it is the participant is wanting to achieve with their app. After this, the elevator pitch can be expanded to help build out the vision and ensure it grows in the best way possible.

The planning stage of the video course takes this a step further, showing course participants how to pick the technology required for their project, how to deploy the product to the end user, and how to plan the app in full using sketch pictures to help demonstrate key stages of the process.

When it comes to subscription, the FileMaker site explains that the video course delves into how to sell the product on a subscription basis, getting outside help and working with contractors, and hiring the right people for the work.

Finally, the course covers budgeting from the beginning to the end of the project, helping participants to estimate their development costs, track and eliminate bugs, and how to produce videos.

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