Fight For Top Oklahoma Drug Attorney Spots Ensues On New Criminal Defense Site

Featured Oklahoma drug attorney spots on a new criminal defense sites are filling up fast as experienced specialists apply for inclusion. For more information or to connect with a top drug lawyer, call (405) 673-8250 or visit today.

Leading Oklahoma drug attorney spaces on a recently released criminal defense website are causing a stir in the community. The site, which only has four positions available, has seen a massive influx of applicants hoping to make the cut. At the present time, a single drug lawyer has been accepted into the program, while applications for the remaining thee spaces are being reviewed.

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Being accepted into the program as a top Oklahoma drug lawyer is not only prestigious, but it also helps criminal defense attorneys connect with clients who desperately need their help fighting drug charges within the state. Due to changing legislation involving cannabis in select areas around the country, local law enforcement has been making frequent marijuana busts, especially on major roadways and interstates, resulting in more people needing quick access to experienced legal representatives. Marijuana charges make up a large portion of the cases that the site accepts, but the drug attorneys who are featured on the site also handle other kinds of drug-related charges, including RICO and trafficking cases, as well as arrests involving nearly every form of illegal or controlled substance, such as heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and prescription drug crimes.

“I was researching my options when I found Oklahoma Interstate Drug Lawyer,” says one of the site’s clients. “When I saw that I could get a free consultation, I decided to go for it. My lawyer helped me avoid jail time and I was looking at 20 years.” Although not every case is a slam dunk, overall response from clients has been incredibly positive, likely due to the caliber of legal representation that the site makes available.

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In addition to access to leading criminal defense specialists, the site hosts a library of information, which people accused of crimes and their families can access at no charge. There are numerous videos and articles, all related to defense strategies, potential outcomes, tips for selecting a lawyer, and more. Because of this, daily traffic to the site is climbing and demand for qualified legal defense is growing fast.

About Oklahoma Interstate Drug Lawyer

Oklahoma Interstate Drug Lawyer helps connect people with information and legal services after they’ve been charged with drug crimes. Applications are still being accepted for the remaining three spots as the team makes a final decision on which criminal defense attorneys are to be featured. Drug defense lawyers who have an interest in being highlighted are urged to apply by visiting on or before October 31, 2016.

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