FIFA Corruption Reveals Why Businesses Need Private Detectives For Due Diligence

In the wake of the arrests and seizures related to allegations of corruption and bribes at the international level of FIFA, veteran private detective, Peter Taylor, talks for the first time about the increasing role of private detectives in corporate risk assessment.

Taylor has more than forty years experience in private investigation and his organisation, is a world leader in corporate risk. “Due diligence doesn’t sound sexy,” Taylor says, “but failure to investigate risk is one of the key reasons for business failure, especially where mergers and partnerships are concerned.”

Taylor has dozens of corporate clients who’ve avoided potential damage through effective due diligence - for example a major investment sector firm in South East Asia that conducted depth diligence on candidates for a senior executive position. While all the resumes checked out on paper, discovered that one candidate, despite passing the standard diligence procedure, had minor financial offences in their background that they had not declared, despite being asked for full disclosure and signing to say they had given it.

“While the offences were relatively trivial, the bad faith involved in concealing infractions and concocting a CV that hid the problem wasn’t a small matter,” Taylor points out. “Had that candidate been successful, they would have been making investment decisions that would have impacted international markets, let alone individual pensions and savings. Our client was delighted to find out that all was not as it seemed before making the appointment, rather than after.”

The problem is even more complex where family firms are concerned. “Increasingly, fraud artists and scammers are using relationships to attack organisations,” Taylor points out. “Recently we helped a family led international business evaluate a major threat. Concern was expressed about one family member, in an executive position, who had a new romantic partner who’d aroused concerns in the rest of the family. Thorough but discreet background checking, including on-the-ground investigation of the person’s history and associates revealed that the individual concerned had both criminal connections and a long-established drug habit. The family was able to make sure that the executive was sensitively alerted to their love interest’s hidden past, whilst also protecting the business from risk.”

Over time, expects many more businesses to protect themselves through using private investigators to analyse risk.

Eye-poppingly however, the current use of private detectives in the FIFA case seems to be completely in the hands of the suspects, who are said to have been investigating each other and the reporters filing stories against FIFA officials!

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