Field Service Remote Visual Assistance Software Guide Launched

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A new guide to the best RVA solutions for field service leaders has been launched. Blumberg Advisory Group provides expert insight and guidance to allow businesses to make smarter tech decisions.

A new remote visual assistance software buyer’s guide has been launched by Blumberg Advisory Group. It teaches clients all the details they need to know about the products available, and how to offer a more effective remote visual assistance solution.

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The newly launched guide explains that remote visual assistance (RVA) software is now expected within a number of fields. Call centers and tech support providers are encouraged to use RVA technology to provide a better experience for their users.

With the pandemic still impacting businesses around the US and the world, the speed of adoption of RVA solutions has increased. Now field service leaders across all sectors are considering remote assistance solutions as an alternative to on-site options.

By adopting this technology, companies are able to offer their customers guided troubleshooting and remote assistance. This enables them to answer questions, provide working examples, and support customers through their troubleshooting anywhere in the country.

Businesses wanting to adopt a cutting-edge RVA solution often struggle to cut through the noise and find the right option for their needs. The new guide from Blumberg Advisory Group aims to make the RVA process easier.

The new buyer’s guide has been created to provide new perspectives on the RVA marketplace. Through reading the guide, businesses are able to make smarter decisions about the technology they adopt and the service providers they trust.

Increased internet speed and digital transformation have led to faster adoption of this technology. Now businesses are seeking more ways to implement effective solutions to streamline their troubleshooting services for the customer.

Blumberg Advisory Group is a trusted and reliable research and consulting firm. They work with field service and reverse logistics companies, and strive to help clients meet the latest challenges facing their industry.

A spokesperson for the company states: “The best remote visual assistance software incorporates augmented reality features, including merged reality and 3D annotation, along with video collaboration tools to create a virtual environment where the receiver and provider of support can communicate instantly, on-demand, and in real-time.”

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