Field Service Industry Growth Analysis – AR Trends/Transformation Report Launch

As companies across the globe adapt to the changing face of business in the post-pandemic era, a research and consulting firm from Warrington, PA has released a new report on the current and future direction of the field service industry.

‘Hypergrowth Or Business As Normal: 2021 Field Service Industry Sentiment Study’ released by the Blumberg Advisory Group reveals an industry-wide optimism and appetite for transformation despite the challenges of the last 18 months.

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The newly launched study was written by group president Michael R. Blumberg, collating the views of field service organizations (FSOs) regarding emerging technologies, workforce structure, and hiring practices.

The study’s targeted demographics included 130 field service leaders, consulting with a range of businesses within the industry. Just over 40% of respondents were working in the manufacturing sector, one quarter were channel partners – such as distributors and resellers – and the rest were made up of contractors, installers, and telecom carriers.

One of the report’s key takeaways is the prevailing view amongst field service leaders that augmented reality technology offers an essential tool for the industry’s future. The use of AR-enabled software became a necessity during the pandemic, providing an effective alternative to onsite service, but many believe its continued application to be key to meeting increased market demand.

Other findings include an expectation among FSOs that hiring additional engineers will be necessary over the coming months. While this reveals burgeoning confidence in the surety of growth, there is also a concern regarding the lack of qualified candidates to fill these positions.

Over 50% of surveyed professionals reported a bullishness in their company’s ability to recover from the effects of the global health crisis. A further 45% admitted to a cautious optimism while just 2% were fearful that the industry would not return to its pre-pandemic state.

Blumberg’s survey highlights a divergence between C-suite executives’ anticipation of recovery and a board-level belief that the industry has already returned to normal.

About Blumberg Advisory Group

The company has been led by reverse logistics and service lifecycle management specialist Michael Blumberg since 2004. Michael’s experience in both marketing and industry analysis has seen the company increase its revenues by over 30% in a period of 18 months.

A spokesperson says, “With expertise in a broad array of vertical markets, we are in a unique position to identify current industry trends.”

With its inaugural sentiment study of the industry in 2021, Blumberg Advisory Group continues to help clients identify and meet the challenges of field service operations in the post-pandemic era.

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