Field Service Industry 2022 Outlook – Market Strategy Analysis Report Released

The Blumberg Advisory Group has published its 2021 Field Service Industry Study in order to help readers obtain a better understanding of current market trends.

The new report contains vital information about post-pandemic market recovery and the general outlook of industry professionals going into 2022. Additionally, the report discusses the integration of new technologies into the field service industry.

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The updated information in this report provides insights into the likely future, as a dwindling qualified labor force attempts to stay afloat by relying on new training techniques. The report’s findings suggest many interesting things about this interaction between legacy laborers and a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

A critical facet of this report is the market reaction to the pandemic, which is mainly negative. The field service industry is especially vulnerable to the challenges presented by the past year, as worker safety is enforced doubly so, increasing both the costs and the dangers of such jobs.

The report, however, suggests an optimistic outlook, as a vast majority of industry professionals surveyed said that they believed their operations were at or approaching pre-pandemic levels of efficiency. Blumberg discusses how this recovery has affected hiring and investment practices and how both of those things have reacted to the nationwide labor shortage.

Another finding of the report is a relatively high rate of confidence in technologies like AI and augmented reality for both training and on-the-job applications. Mainly, the baby boomers trained in a more traditional setting find these new technologies to bridge the generational skill gap effectively.

Overall, these findings suggest a generally bullish outlook for the future of the industry. Thanks to several factors, field service is entering a period of explosive growth.

About the Blumberg Advisory Group

This group is the leading research and consulting firm in the Field Service Industry. Their reports are designed to help management reckon with the current state of the market to develop new, responsive techniques. They believe that analysis like that presented in this report is essential in developing new strategies and must be used to guide successful implementation.

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