Field Duty Folder – Customizable Scale/Bolster drop-point EDC Knife Announced

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Liong Mah Design, a leader in precision knives, introduces its Field Duty Folder EDC knife collection with five premium scales. This customizable folder is capable of handling any day-to-day task.

Offering more options to knife enthusiasts, Liong Mah Design announces its new Field Duty Folder pocket knife. Each knife has been carefully designed to be lightweight, easy to use and deploy, and sleek yet functional—a common theme among all Liong Mah creations.

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The latest collection features an interchangeable scale-bolster pair, with each knife having a 3.5-inch drop-point blade. The new Field Duty Folder builds on the original folder design introduced in 2019, with added modifications to make the collection more customizable.

According to the company, the Field Duty Folder line will soon be available at local knife dealers and outdoor equipment shops.

The Field Duty Folder knife collection comes in five premium scales: The Artic Storm, Camo Gold Carbon Fiber, Dark Matter Black Carbon Fiber, Brown Burlap Micarta, and the Green Canvas Micarta. Each knife is paired with an opening hole cutout on the blade and a reversible titanium spring clip for versatility. The Field Duty Folder also features stonewash titanium handles, bolsters, backspacers, and clips.

Liong Mah Design recognizes that EDC knives need to be lightweight, durable, compact, and practical, especially for heavy use outdoors. This is why the Field Duty Folder’s 3.5 drop-point blade sports a flat grind to ensure optimal cutting performance.

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According to the company, this particular build was one of the most popular requests by Liong Mah Design knife enthusiasts. In creating this new line, the company combined the already solid design of the original Field Duty line with ingenious craftsmanship to design an EDC knife that is fully customizable, but sturdy enough to handle the rigors of real-world use.

Liong Mah Design is led by Liong Mah, a knife enthusiast and former full-time chef in New York City. He says that his company is the culmination of 19 years of knife appreciation and design.

EDC knives are slowly gaining popularity as more people recognize their value in everyday situations. From everyday use to being the perfect traveling companion, an EDC knife is a practical tool that should be considered by tradespersons, knife enthusiasts, and anyone who seeks to be prepared for unforeseen life circumstances.

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