Fidget Spinner Quit Smoking Toy For Bad Habits Report Launched

A new report has been launched on the benefit of using stress toys for quitting bad habits like smoking. The Secret Gems spinner can help people to quit smoking and can be carried everywhere the customer goes.

Secret Gems, the company behind a popular fidget toy on Amazon, has launched a new report focusing on the benefits of fidget toys when used for combating addiction. Research has shown that stress toys can help to promote wellbeing, boost focus, help with memory and help with addictive behavior through giving the hands something to do when anxiety or addiction strikes.

While previously research has shown that minor distractions can boost productivity by allowing the mind to have a break from an intensive task and thus improving attention when the mind returns to it, fidget toys apply a different tactic.

This is because they are created to help people enjoy the distraction itself, giving themselves something to do when their mind or attention wanders, helping to increase focus on tasks at work or in school.

When people who have bad habits, like smoking, try to quit, often it can be very hard for them to do so because they have become accustomed to their hands doing something automatically, and the lack of something between their fingers can be problematic.

When these cravings strike, it can be beneficial for people to have something to do with their hands to keep their mind off the craving itself and to help them to focus on their goal, whether that’s maintained focus on the plan to quit, or simply to focus on the task at hand.

The fast high-speed finger-fidget spinner from Secret Gems is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, but while it can relieve stress through its soothing three-minute spins, and can help people to fight anxiety and combat ADHD, it can also help people quit bad habits.

The smooth edges and ease along comfort of the product, when it sits in the palm of the user’s hand, can promote wellness and help them to shed the stress and cravings of their habit.

Full details can be found at the URL below. The spinner comes with a full money back guarantee, so anyone not completely satisfied with the product can get their money back with no questions asked.

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