FiddlersGuide Wins Readers with Unbiased Reviews & Tips for Beginning Violinists

FiddlersGuide is a blog that provides free resources to young and beginner violinists. It covers everything from instrument reviews and motivation tips to practice techniques.

Miramar, FL—FiddlersGuide is winning over its audience of young and beginner violinists. The blog serves as a comprehensive guide to playing and purchasing the instrument, providing unbiased reviews and motivation and practice tips.

When first learning the violin, many players start with the blog’s honest reviews on brands and violin models. FiddlersGuide helps new musicians determine which instrument to buy, with articles written by professional musicians covering the best brands and their pros and cons. Other reviews cover the best violin strings, cases, and bows. Readers can use this information to help them find the best equipment for their needs, whether it’s their first violin purchase or they’re looking to upgrade from their current one.

Aside from reviews, the blog features articles discussing motivation tips. These help new musicians remain excited about learning their instrument and encourage them to stick with it. The blog also features articles that go over practice techniques – readers can learn more about how to improve their tone and intonation, as well as where to find the best free online sheet music.

FiddlersGuide began as a free resource to help beginners learn the violin. Throughout the years, its content has remained free thanks to the blog’s dedicated writers. The team consists of professional teachers and musicians who are passionate about helping others learn. One of FiddlersGuide’s writers, Vena Johnson, is a professional violinist and teaching artist. After gaining 10 years of experience in the greater-Philadelphia region, she performed around the world. Her travels led her to Ireland, Italy, Nepal, China, and many other countries.

Another writer, Natalia Merezhuk, studied at the Moscow Conservatory. She currently does freelance orchestra work in the Greater Washington D.C. area. She offers a unique perspective as she is well-versed in classical music but also has experience in improvisational genres.

Karli Rhind, a classical violist with 16 years of experience, also writes for FiddlersGuide alongside practicing as a certified Suzuki instructor. She is the Lead String Instructor at the Forte Academy of Music.

These professional musicians use their performance and teaching experience to create relevant content for FiddlersGuide readers. The blog’s reviews and practice tips articles continue to help young and beginner violinists from around the world to hone their craft.

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