Fiber Protector of Chicago up keeping Upholstery

There’s many reasons to use Fiber Protector of Chicago to clean carpets and rugs. For upholstery it can even extend the time treated material stays clean.

November 13, 2020

Many homeowners aren’t shy about admitting cleaning fiber rugs, carpets, and especially upholstery properly can be quite difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, for those who live in the extended Chicago area, professional help at an attractive price point is available from Fiber Protector of Chicago. Fiber Protector of Chicago are proud to be the leading company offering these kinds of services and much more. In a recent discussion, the company pointed out that its special fiber protector formula not only cleans fibers but also makes sure that they stay cleaner for much great periods of time. This has made the company a quite popular choice, even during the recent health crisis. Fiber Protector of Chicago operates using special COVID-19 protocols that help keep its team and customers safe.

“For those who want their carpets, rugs, or upholstery to have a luxurious look longer, I’d suggest seeing how we can help,” remarked a spokesperson from Fiber Protector of Chicago. “We are true professionals and we use the best cleaning and protection formula in the industry today. It’s safe, e-co-friendly, and it delivers its benefts for quite a long amount of time.”

According to the company, its cleaning and protection process is safe to use even with the highest end of fibers without worry. The protective treatment safeguards the fabric against spills, stains, pet and child accidents, and much more. The formula isCertified by Fiber ProTector of America, WoolSafe EnviroSeal certified, and is also an ASID Industry Partner.

Fiber Protector of Chicago encourages potential customers to call and discuss their project, get a free custom quote, and set an appointment to get their fiber rugs, carpets, and/or upholstery looking and smelling better than ever.

Reviews have nothing but praise for the company.

Tina S., from Chicago, recently said, “I love my area rug but it just wasn’t getting clean and more. And it’s a real Persian worth a lot. Fiber Protector of Chicago not only got it looking like new but it still looks that way months later. Five stars!”

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