Ferrantello Group Covid-19 Community Update During These Unprecedented Times

The Ferrantello Group reminds its clients that its services are still available during these unprecedented times, and that their utmost priority is the assurance of the safety for all.

The Ferrantello Group would like to inform all of our clients and employees that their number one priority is ensuring the health and safety of all. As a family run business, The Ferrantello Group values both our clients and employees as if they were their own family, and it is of the utmost importance to protect and service their family during times of need.

These times are something that no one has ever witnessed in their lifetime and completely unprecedented. They are unsure what will even occur tomorrow or by weeks end; however, you can evaluate your real estate investment should you decide to sell or purchase property when navigating such a difficult market.

The Ferrantello Group has been deemed an essential business in New York and they are here to assist with any matters related to real-estate services. Should the time come that property can be purchased or sold, please protect your estate and investment. It is crucial to ensure that as a buyer or seller, that an updated survey can be obtained to match the billing department records and/or CO’s; guaranteeing a smooth transition and sale.

When looking to buy or sell real estate, property should be staked and monumented in order to protect your investment. Having property staked and monumented can verify and make certain that there are no encroachments or issues with title ownership. At this time, it may also be of interest for property owners located near the water to obtain a new and up to date FEMA certificate.

Now more than ever it is so crucial that they reiterate that The Ferrantello Group has taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety for all of their clients and employees. Their staff have been instructed to clean the facility daily, both at the beginning and end of day, their field crew have been supplied with facial masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and other amenities to guarantee their safety while ensuring yours.

No matter how long the Covid-19 Pandemic may last, it is important that they all are here for one another as a business, but more importantly, as family. They hope that everyone is safe, healthy, and above all is, that everyone is well.

Release ID: 88951736