Fenvir Broad Spectrum Antiviral Releases New Review Of Herpes Treaments and Remedies

Fenvir Broad Spectrum Antiviral was founded in 2010 and provides the natural health community with a unique, science-based nutraceutical. It is known for provide the community with a safe, natural, and effective alternative for herpes treatment and remedy.

Fenvir Broad Spectrum Antiviral released their new review on prescription drugs used to treat the herpes virus. This review reveals if prescription drugs used to treat the herpes virus are really the best option for limiting the recurrence of herpes outbreaks and viral shedding.

The review also shows if prescription drugs used to treat the herpes virus and over-the-counter topical treatments can help to drastically reduce the length of an existing outbreak.

Since the discovery of Valtrex and Acyclovir, there have been no further advancements in prescription herpes treatment and remedies. Considering this, it is no surprise that many people currently suffering from the herpes virus and recurrent outbreaks are in search of something that will work to effectively control the virus.

On top of that, these medications have been associated with a long list of unpleasant and painful side effects. Recent research has shown that these prescriptions have been associated with DNA mutation leading to cancer, in addition to:

- Intense pain in the abdomen and bloody urine

- Tremors

- Mental confusion – Encephalopathy (brain disorder/degeneration)

Fenvir Broad Spectrum Antiviral owner says there are many people considering buying prescription drugs used to treat the herpes virus and a lot of buzz around its potential benefits in the unique, science-based nutraceutical field. As an alternative treatment for herpes, Fenvir works to repress and suppress the virus into a state of dormancy so it is no longer active to cause outbreaks, while helping to clear existing outbreaks in as little as 72 hours and drastically reducing the chances of viral shedding. At the same time, Fenvir works to boost the overall strength of the immune system without causing any side effects whatsoever. 

This review gives an objective analysis of how well prescription drugs used to treat the herpes virus actually work, while addressing the ridiculously high prices and discomforting side effects caused by these medications. 

The product review is available at http://www.fenvir.com/herpes-treatment-remedies.

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