Female Entrepreneurs Growth Challenges Barriers To Success Report Launched

A report has been launched highlighting the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. Shishir Khadka was inspired to write the report after watching his mother struggle to run the family business.

A new report has been launched highlighting the growth challenges and barriers to success faced by female entrepreneurs. Shishir Khadka the author of the report explains he was inspired to help female entrepreneurs after watching his mother struggle to manage the family business after his father passed away.

Read the report in full at https://shishirkhadka.com/women-entrepreneurs-challenges

The newly launched report was researched and written by Shishir Khadka who explains he started the project in January 2020 and spent ten months and over 1070 hours conducting 25 interviews with female entrepreneurs at different stages of their business. He explains his key finding was the fact female entrepreneurs face seven challenges that hold them back and prevent business growth.

For instance, the seven challenges include a lack of time, limited access to funding, a lack of financial education, overcoming limiting beliefs, a lack of accountability, fear, and the gender gap. Shishir explains many women have work commitments as well as feeling like they have a never-ending list of things to do within the home.

He explains female entrepreneurs struggle with not having time for business more than men as women are viewed as the people who hold families together during times of crisis, happiness, or sadness. He adds that one solution to this is to use the latest technologies to do more work in less time and have systems in place to help scale businesses faster.

A lack of financial education is also viewed as a barrier to success for female entrepreneurs as they may be focused on other aspects of their business. Shishir explains many of the entrepreneurs he spoke to are not able to speak to their accountants because they can see the numbers, but they do not know what those numbers mean beyond revenues.

A spokesperson said: “This report has been released in the hope that it will help entrepreneurs at different stages of their business journeys. The interviews not only provided insight into what holds female entrepreneurs back, but it also helped the female entrepreneurs involved.”

To find out more or read the report in full, interested parties are invited to visit the link provided.

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