Feel Good Heroic Dog Story – Golden Retriever Puppy/Cute Pet Video Report Launch

A new feel good dog report is now available at Hero Doggie. The report shares the story of Sky, a Golden Retriever puppy, and how his affectionate nature went viral.

Hero Doggie, a website that shares feel-good real-life stories about heroic dogs, has launched a new report about a Golden Retriever puppy named Sky.

More information can be found by visiting https://herodoggie.com/little-golden-retriever-wins-his-owners-heart-over-and-over-when-he-showed-his-loving-demeanor

The recently launched report is ideally suited to dog lovers and those with an interest in dog adoption. It shares an inspiring and uplifting true story about Sky, a seven-week-old Golden Retriever puppy whose warm and loving nature won his owner’s heart and achieved internet notoriety.

Sky’s owner Varsha Tibrewal was impressed with her pet’s observational skills when she adopted him as a puppy and began to document his behavior in online videos. In one popular video, she shares a heart-warming moment with Sky, which has since gone viral.

In the video, the puppy appears to mimic his owner’s behavior. When Tibrewal leans in and kisses Sky on the head, the puppy returns the favor by affectionately licking her on the forehead. When Tiberwal kisses Sky on the forehead two more times, the dog again reciprocates, the report explains.

As part of the launch, the video clip is included in the report along with images of the exchange. Interested parties can also visit YouTube to watch the full clip. The clip has currently been viewed over 450,000 times and has received more than 21,000 upvotes.

Sunitha Rohini, a YouTube commentator, says, “How cute and adorable is this puppy? Had a small puppy like this and this was our daily routine. Whenever I feel low, I watch videos of puppies like this one and enjoy it.”

Hero Doggie is a website for animal lovers that compiles touching stories about dogs. Other recent reports include a story about an adopted stray found at a gas station and a story about a dog reunited with an old friend.

A spokesperson for the company says, “There’s nothing like a fur mom and puppy showing all their love for each other. Even though Sky’s just seven weeks old, he displayed his superb observational skills to his mom. When an owner is around observant pets like puppies, it’s best to model the right kind of behavior.”

For more information on Hero Doggie and the launch of their new report about Sky, the Golden Retriever puppy, visit https://herodoggie.com/little-golden-retriever-wins-his-owners-heart-over-and-over-when-he-showed-his-loving-demeanor

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