FB Live Engagenator Craig Crawford 2016 Streaming Broadcasting Software Launched

FB Live Engagenator, a new Facebook live streaming tool to help marketers or recreational users enhance their pages’ exposure and engagement by easily streaming any video content live directly into their timeline and sending customized live broadcast notifications, has been launched.

A brand new Facebook live streaming software entitled FB Live Engagenator allowing recreational or commercial Facebook users to stream or broadcast live to their timeline or groups has been launched.

More information is available at http://letsgolook.at/FBLiveEngagenator.

FB Live Engagenator is a complete and simple Facebook live streaming tool developed by Craig Crawford, Robert Phillips and Peter Drew to help Facebook users or marketers easily leverage the preference Facebook is displaying towards live video content on its platform to enhance their page or group exposure and engagement.

The PC based software allows users with any level of tech skill to easily and instantly set-up and start live streaming or broadcasting any video content directly to their timeline and/or group pages with automatic video conversion and enhancement features as well as custom headlines or calls to action.

Personalized live broadcast pop-up alert notifications can also be set-up through the FB Live Engagenator desktop based dashboard and instantly shared on multiple Facebook friends, groups or fan pages with custom calls to action, images and thumbnails, to generate more attention, exposure and engagement for the users’ Facebook live events or content.

More information on the FB Live Engagenator and its multiple live streaming and broadcasting or notification features along with details on the exposure and engagement benefits the software can provide as well as a demo video showcasing how to use the dashboard to set-up the live video streams can be consulted on the website link provided above or at http://muncheye.com/craig-crawford-et-al-fb-live-engagenator.

The developers, Craig Crawford, Robert Phillips and Peter Drew, explain that “in their efforts to compete with Periscope, Snap Chat or YouTube live events, Facebook is giving unprecedented preference to live video content hosted on their platform which means those videos get preferential treatment and more exposure or longer time on news feeds across Facebook”.

They add that “we are introducing the Engagenator which is the easiest to use, most reliable and cost effective Facebook timeline live streaming software that allows anyone to stream any video they desire directly to their timeline and seize on Facebook live to generate enhanced exposure and engagement, with no monthly fees”.

Release ID: 125660