Fayetteville Website Disability Accessibility ADA Compliance Service Launched

A new website accessibility service has been launched by Ada Access Granted. They help companies across sectors to meet new guidelines for accessibility.

Ada Access Granted has launched a new service to help more businesses become ADA compliant through seamless, automated solutions. Their newly launched strategy allows businesses to ensure full compliance guaranteed with an ADA certificate and year-round protection.

More information can be found at: https://adaaccessgranted.com

The new service aims to meet the need for fast, effective solutions to protect against lawsuits throughout 2020 and beyond. With the launch of their new automated strategy, businesses can protect themselves from lawsuits and open their website for everyone.

The process for ADA compliance is simple. Business owners just have to enter one line of code on their platform and the specialist team at Ada Access Granted will do the rest.

Ada Access Granted explains that it’s now mandatory to make websites ADA compliant. Failure to do this could see the business facing huge lawsuits.

Through pairing with Ada Access Granted, clients are able to meet accessibility regulations with the quickest and most cost-effective methods available.

Making websites fully accessible means opening them up to ensure people with disabilities of hearing, movement, sight and cognitive ability can use them.

For businesses that fall under the physical ADA law, such as stores, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, and healthcare clinics, the law of accessibility has extended to websites.

Ada Access Granted can streamline the accessibility process with its fast-action solution. They can help businesses through their text reader widget, specially designed website navigation, and blinks blocking.

Other features include monochrome, dark high contrast, and bright high contrast display options, an accessibility toolbar with added functionality, and image descriptions.

The above suite of accessibility tools is all packaged into one seamless solution by Ada Access Granted. This meets the WCAG 2.0 specified conformance level and ensures protection for businesses.

According to the US Census Bureau, 51 million people across the US aged 15 or older have a disability. With Ada Access Granted, businesses can cater to them with cutting-edge service.

A spokesperson for the company states: “By making digital content accessible, your organization can reach more customers, increase customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge over those who don’t include accessibility features.”

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