Fayetteville NC Pediatric Dental Clinics Contactless Payment Options Launched

Grab Customers recently launched a contactless payment system to benefit emergency pediatric dental clinics in Fayetteville, NC. The system provides a means for faster and more efficient service.

Grab Customers, an online company, launched a contactless payment system to benefit emergency pediatric dentists in Fayetteville, NC.

For more information, please visit https://grabcustomers.com/contactless-payments

The launch comes in response to a growing demand for fast, efficient, and safe payment transactions in Fayetteville area dental clinics.

During a dental emergency, every minute counts. Time plays a key factor in determining if a permanent tooth can be saved. Emergency pediatric dental clinics can benefit greatly from efficient contactless payment options.

Grab Customers’ payment system allows patients to put down a deposit when completing a mobile booking, preventing critical time lost in the clinic’s waiting room. Full or partial payments may be made immediately upon completion of a child’s dental services. The system also minimizes contact of patients and staff, an important factor during the current global pandemic.

The system allows potential patients to pay remotely or in advance. It also speeds up account receivables, helps lower chargebacks and eliminates transaction costs.

The contactless payment system makes it easy to send and receive payment on any mobile device. It can be tied to a clinic’s website, email, or social media. It is also able to work on top of a clinic’s existing merchant processor. There are multiple convenient options to collect payment: SMS messaging with a custom link to pay, a QR code on an invoice, a check, a hyperlink via email or on a clinic’s website.

The system provides an email notification with every patient transaction. It allows a clinic to log into its dashboard to view numerous real-time reports. Transactions are all recorded in real-time.

Grab Customer’s team can also provide service solutions and insights regarding booking appointments and contactless payments for pediatric dental services.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “A dental clinics’ top priority is to protect and minimize risks to patients and dental health care personnel due to the current global pandemic. Transitioning to a contactless patient experience provides increased patient satisfaction, improved efficiency and reduced risk of exposure. It is also a great solution for emergency situations.”

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