Fayetteville NC Family Dentist Dental Patient Number Decline Report Launched

A new report about the declining numbers of people visiting the dentist nationwide has been launched by Cross Creek Dental. The Fayetteville based dental experts offer patients a full range of general, restorative and cosmetic dental procedures.

Cross Creek Dental have launched a new report on a nationwide decline of people receiving regular dental care. Cross Creek Dental offers a full range of general, restorative and cosmetic treatments to their patients in Fayetteville, NC.

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Cross Creek Dental is a family dentist based in Fayetteville, NC. Dr Anthony M. Perrino and his team of hygienists and assistants are committed to providing great service an to help patients keep their teeth healthy for life.

The office manager at Cross Creek Dental, Kitty Joiner, explains that she has noted a trend in dental practices across the nation. This growing trend is that practices are seeing declining numbers of patients receiving dental care.

Joiner states: “There are multiple reasons why patients aren’t coming to see their dentist regularly,” She continues:“Fear is no longer the top reason that keeps patients from attending to their dental health.” Joiner explains that she has noted three key reasons that are affecting patients and their choice in visiting the dentist.

One reason that patients may be putting off visiting the dentist is due to cost. Dental treatments can be very expensive and even those with dental insurance can be expected to pay heavily towards their dental care due to increasing co-pays. Many employer based insurances do not include dental coverage and the cost of dental work is still expensive for those on Medicaid or Medicare.

Other reasons for a decline in patient numbers at dental practices is due to patients having to find the time to visit. They maybe working long hours or away from home and visiting the dentist may get pushed to the bottom of the list. Another for the decline is that the longer a patient put off having dental treatment and does not maintain good oral hygiene may be put off by the thought of more invasive treatments later on. They may also be affected by a feeling of being they may be lectured to or told off by their dentist for not visiting more often.

Cross Creek explain that they aim to address these problems for patients by making evening appointments available and providing new low cost dental packages that includes X-rays, exams and cleaning, the basis of good oral care.

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