Fayetteville AR TNT Sanitary Tri-Clamp Gasket New Food Processing Product Launch

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HS Innovations of Fayetteville, Arkansas have launched a proprietary new product designed to revolutionize the food processing industry - the TNT Sanitary Tri-Clamp Gasket.

HS Innovations in Fayetteville, Arkansas has launched a new food and meat processing product designed to improve quality and reduce the risk of food recalls. The new product is the Tag and Tether Sanitary Tri-Clamp Gasket. The brand-new gasket has been tested and is now on the market for purchase.

More information can be found by visiting: https://www.hs-innovations.com

The product is a proprietary, in-house designed metal detectable sanitary gasket that seals exceptionally well, preventing foreign material from extruding and ending up in the final food product. Many foreign materials that make their way into food products are non-metal detectable, which makes them extremely difficult to identify and remove.

This patent-pending TNT Gasket is expected to become the new standard for many food and meat processing plants. In addition to this exciting new product, HS Innovations offers a wide selection of similar products designed to make food processing safer and more efficient

Some products similar to the new TNT Gasket are marination carts, hydraulic prevent shut-off valve panels, wash down proof flow controls, and 3-way valve regulated air panels. The company also offers Kurnut ball valves and a wide range of turn-key solutions for food processing companies.

In addition to offering the best in food processing products, the company provides an array of services to the food processing industry. Services include engineering, design, case studies and project management. The team of project managers has experience working on projects for various systems in different industries including poultry processing, food processing, and food packaging.

Together, the HS engineering team has over 90 years of experience in the food processing industry. For almost a century they have been designing improved products for safer, more efficient food processing systems. Interested parties can find more information and get a free quote at the link above or by calling 479-582-9000

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