Faux Silk Sleepwear Two-Piece Lingerie Set Sleeve Top & Crop Pants Launched

Olivery Pure Living Inc., an online retailer, launched a new collection of women sleepwear. The sets include various nightgown, short sleeve and sleeveless tops and crop pants, with many patterns and colors available.

Olivery Pure Living Inc., an online retailer, announced a new collection of faux silk sleepwear. The lingerie sets consist of various short sleeve tops, crop pants and nightgown combinations and come in a wide range of pattern-printed models, color schemes and styles.

More information can be found at http://a.co/68NDqCp.

There are a variety of women sleepwear currently available, with silk and faux silk models enjoying a large popularity. With various designs and styles, this type of sleepwear is known for its comfort and elegance, making it an ideal choice for women throughout the world.

While natural silk is known for its pleasant smoothness and commonly considered a luxurious material, faux silk also has a number of advantages. Olivery Pure Living Inc. sleepwear sets are made of high-quality faux silk designed to last longer than natural silk, as it is less sensitive to everyday wearing with much affordable price.

These are a few comments from happy customers:

“These are so much fun! I got the butterfly-patterned set, with the capri shorts and tent-like top. The pattern is of course gorgeous, and the faux silk is super comfortable. they are large enough, and the elastic waist good enough, that I feel it fits well.The top is easy to put on, and you can use the ties or not. They give it a bit of shape and character, which is nice if you are wearing it around the house, but unnecessary if you are just sleeping in it.”

“Your significant other will love it! This is a silky smooth ensemble and quite beautiful.”

“Fits perfectly and it is so cute and looks very expensive. My husband thought I actually went shopping at an expensive lingerie store”.

The Olivery nightgowns, sleeve tops and crop pants feature various printed designs created to give an impression of elegance and grace. Patterned models come in blue, coffee and brown colors, with plain models also available in pink, purple, violet, blue, white and other colors.

The new collection features various combinations, including a belted kimono-style nightgown dress, various short sleeve tops and sleeveless nightgowns, three different robe sets and others.

The Olivery Pure Living Inc. sleepwear is suitable for regular machine washing and dry cleaning and the sleepwear has been designed to fit various body sizes, being especially suitable for sizes M-L.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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