Fast Golf Fit saves your golf game in under 15 minutes a day!

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The Flexin Texan celebrates the release of Fast Golf Fit. This industry changing program was in development for over one year. The main aim was always to save time and get golf fit fast at home with no special equipment. Defying convention, this home golf fitness program did so, with a difference.

Travis Burkybile the Founder/Owner of Fast Golf Fit, says: “Anyone familiar with the golf fitness market knows how most fitness programs are overpriced, over complicated, and don’t get fast results. This is a huge problem, because these options often cause injuries and people will abandon their routines. They also typically require using specialized gym equipment many people may not have access to. This led to looking for a better solution.”

As a welcome breath of fresh air, Fast Golf Fit can be used by anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Travis chose to make this move with Fast Golf Fit, because all his clients wanted a simple routine, that they could do whenever time allowed in their busy schedules. Prospective clients would tell stories about waking up the day after a round and crawling out of bed from low back pain, taking painkillers just to get by. Most golfers he worked with lacked the basic strength and mobility to play without serious physical swing compensations, let alone to their full potential. He started having great success helping his clients overcome their issues, and get back more time on the course. Fast golf fit is the result of the consistent refinement of his techniques and system that he uses with seasoned golfers to get them back on the course and hitting it long again.

Travis explained “We want to give people the freedom to golf stronger and longer without pain. With Fast Golf Fit, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to love their game again. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking.”

Travis has been in the fitness business for 15 years, being established in 2006. Since day one he has always aimed to to help people become fit to pursue whatever activity gives them joy in life.

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