FAST AND ‘FURY’-OUS – Multi-Platinum Music Producer Embraces Life’s Time Capsule

Multi-platinum music producer, Nick Fury, embraces groundbreaking Life’s Time Capsule for its personal and professional applications with saving photos, videos, audio files, documents and journal entries all while being safe and secure for future generations.

ORLANDO, Fla. (Dec. 5, 2014) – When Nick “Fury” thinks about the idea of passing along his legacy to future generationshe gets as excited as he is coming across a great riff for a hit record.

The multi-platinum record producer knows allabout creating hits, producing music for some of the biggest stars in thehip-hop universe, but he also is building a family legacy and would like toshare all his life experiences for generations to come.

Now that he has discovered andembraced Life’s Time Capsule, he can.

“Fury,” his name offset by quotation marks toavoid any confusion with the comic book character of the same name, hasembraced the groundbreaking data storage and social media service for bothpersonal and professional applications.

“First and foremost is the family aspect,”‘Fury’ said. “It’s a wholesome concept. It’s not just like (other social media)where anything is going on; it has some meaning to it. … It’s not just for theyouth, it’s for people who have morals and want their legacy to be known downthe line.”

“God willing, I will be here for the next 50,100 years, but if something were to happen, my legacy is right there. My sonknows I go to work, but when he understands it more he could go on it and seethis is what daddy was doing. That’s fulfilling to me and to him as well.”

Life’s Time Capsule was developed to giveconsumers the opportunity to capture, safely store and share all the memorablemoments of their lives. Its user-friendly app was designed with all levelcomputer users in mind. Digital images, videos, voice recordings, journalentries and all document types can be downloaded conveniently from a PC or,more instantly, through a Smartphone for families and friends to live streamand document life’s most precious moments for years to come.

Unlike other forms of memory storage such asscrapbooks and photo albums, the images and items stored in a Life’s TimeCapsule are accessible from any location and safe from any threat that couldtake away the keepsakes forever. With the use of personalized URLs, users canshare selected amounts of their media with any of the major social mediaplatforms while keeping the rest secure and private.

“I’m giving out my personal life to the publicin a little bottle,” ‘Fury’ said. “I miss my grandmother; she passed about ayear and a half ago. If I could just hear her voice right now, that would justmake my day. If it would be possible to go on a computer and hear her voice,that’s priceless.”

“I spoke to my great-grandmother one good timefive or six years ago. It was an adult conversation. I only have it in my mind.I can’t tell you the conversation we had word for word; I just know the feelingit gave me. I still remember it, but I’d give anything to go back to that sameconversation and be able to listen to it and have pictures of it, to havesomething tangible to go back to that moment and that feeling.”

In addition to the personal application ofLife’s Time Capsule, “Fury” finds it to have valuable business applications. Inthe music industry where it’s vital to stay current, even ahead of the trend,he finds its cutting-edge technology as a way for he and his more than dozenestablished and up-and-coming artists to connect with their fans, provide aplatform for merchandise, concert highlights and behind-the-scenes views.

“It puts it all in one bottle,” he said. “It’snot just all over the place. It’s right here.”

Frank Brady, the founder and president ofLife’s Time Capsule, was pleased that multi-platinum record producer Nick“Fury” has embraced the product and its application.

“It’s an honor to work with someone of Nick’scaliber and stature,” Brady said. “He instantly understood how our productmight be beneficial in linking artists and their fans because he realizes thevalue of the artist-fan relationship.”

“It’s been my pleasure to work with and get toknow Nick, and I am delighted and excited that he has chosen to embrace andsupport the Life’s Time Capsule product both on a personal and professionallevel.”

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