Fashion Platform For Empowerment And Creativity By Former Top Model Launched

Mrs. Tennesse Whitney Adkins has launched a new fashion platform that seeks to boost careers and inspire a life of prosperity. The platform can be accessed through

Former America’s Next Top Model and Mrs. Tennessee contestant Whitney Adkins has launched a new fashion platform. This platform can be accessed through, an interconnected site that promotes empowerment and creativity.

More information is available at

The new platform comes under the bigger RedhieHouse multidimensional platform, which was created with the objective of fostering success through creativity. It comprises three websites,,, and These websites provide a means for entrepreneurs to market their products.

RedhieHouse is the site on the platform that encompasses all the available business opportunities. The millions of products that are available for sale through this site can be accessed through a profile that users must create.

Users of this platform are given access to businesses across the scope of real estate, insurance, music, fashion, modeling, video graphics, gaming among many others. A spokesperson for the site noted, “Vendors of all sizes, including Amazon, Walmart, and the single parent sewing one item a month can create a profile to contribute and sell on the platform”.

Users market their products through RedhieHouse which distributes all content to major social media sites, such as Instagram, for the greatest market reach. When users earn a profit they are expected to help others to achieve success as well. Information on how to create their own business as well as funding to do so is also available. Those who choose to use for their business can earn up to 90% of the profit made.

Adkins is one of the founders of the platform and her business focuses on fashion. She has over 26 years of experience in the fashion and talent industry. Through her fashion platform, she hopes to use her experience to provide guidance to individuals who wish to enhance their careers in the industry.

Adkins has participated in many Fashion Week shows and will provide prospective clients with guidelines on what to do and what not to do in order to avoid many industry hurdles. It is her aspiration that these guidelines will help her clients to live a life of purpose and prosperity. Clients are being offered a free photoshoot and portfolio, among other incentives when they sign up.

Other founders include Kavahar Holmes, Orlando “Flex” Mouton, Jordan Young, and Michael Peatross. These individuals use the platform for many services like coaching, entrepreneurship skills, gaming, music, comedy, among others. It is their hope that everyone will be their best, creativity-wise, through this platform.

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