Farnborough UK Infrastructure Relocation Firm IT Movement Services Announced

Farnborough, UK infrastructure relocation firm Sunspeed Transport Services has made its IT relocation services available to small and large enterprises in the region. The Hampshire IT relocation specialist firm offers the secure, protocol-compliant movement of all types of IT assets for office relocations and expansions.

Farnborough, UK infrastructure relocation firm Sunspeed Transport Services announced its IT relocation services in the city. The services cover the secure transportation of high-value assets in unmarked vehicles between facilities or warehouses.

More information about Sunspeed Transport Services is available at https://www.sunspeed.co.uk

The movement of IT assets—servers, clients, and enterprise cloud infrastructure—is a mission-critical part of corporate relocations and expansions. The risks of improper or insecure relocation include data loss or theft, consignment tampering, and exposure to industrial espionage. The EU General Data Protection Regulation also emphasizes the need for customer data security at all times.

Sunspeed Transport Services specializes in point-to-point relocations and custom solutions to help companies move IT infrastructure including servers containing customer and trade data in a secure and affordable manner. The company’s physical relocation process operates without any item limits and is fully insured to move IT equipment worth up to £3 million per vehicle.

All relocations are managed by a dedicated project coordinator and are performed by experienced engineering teams. Assets are moved in the firm’s fleet of unmarked vans or 26-ton rigid trucks. All assets are loaded, racked, unloaded, and re-racked into custom flight cases for maximum safety. The firm also ensures the correct positioning and installation of all types of hardware setups. The firm’s services include complete server migration, cabling management, and IT asset audits.

According to a spokesperson for the Hampshire IT relocation specialist firm, “Today, moving IT assets requires sensitivity to time, data security, and asset safety. At Sunspeed, we endeavour to deliver customised & seamless IT relocation solutions to help our clients maximize business continuity and operational uptime while being assured of stringent, industry-leading security before, during, and after the relocation.”

Headquartered in Farnborough, Sunspeed Transport Services is a specialized IT asset relocation & data centre migration services company established in 1987. The company leverages its expertise in global freight and large-scale asset movement as well as experience working with Fortune 500 and other global clients to support simple and complex IT migrations through a combination of audit, project management, relocation, and asset disposal services. More information is available over the phone 1252-377-027 and at https://www.sunspeed.co.uk/services/it-relocation/

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